Annabel Meade is a double award winning UK racing driver. She has already been identified as an Inspirational Woman in Sport by a leading London networking hub and exceptionally talented, inspirational by the BBC media centre. She has faced many challenges and self-funded her race career to date through her successful freelance career in design/architecture and home-based financial trading.

Annabel’s aim this year is to compete in half the season of the national Porsche Championship, which will see her race over 4 weekends, covering the length and breadth of the UK. The Championship is broadcast live on ITV4 to a combined TV audience of almost 2 million and enjoyed by almost half a million multi-generational race going fans.

Through her brand – Annabel Meade Driven To Succeed she aims to:

-Inspire others as her message is that regardless of where you start in life or what challenges you face, through focus and dedication you can fulfil your potential and achieve your dreams.

-Engage with fans through social media, print media, PR and video content creating effective image transfer.

-To work alongside your CSR programme.

Annabel aims to work in a collaborative way with her partners to create a memorable activation programme with emotive standout campaigns. As female sport participation is on an exciting upward trend your brand will be standing out from the crowd.

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