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Annabel Meade Renault Clio Cup

Annabel’s 2019 plans are to complete numerous sessions in a race sim, testing days and to compete in a series this year racing a Porsche, as she believes that preparation is key to success. Her ambitions remain firmly set on racing in the Porsche SuperCup, a support race to F1. No woman has ever raced a full season in the history of this championship and Annabel is the woman to achieve this.  She has already been identified as an Inspirational Woman In Sport. Find out why by reading the full article here: Annabel Meade Inspirational Woman In Sport
BBC Media Centre said of Annabel “she is exceptionally talented and an inspiration to others”. She has natural racing instincts. Annabel is tough, fit, resilient, strong, a true professional, a high-achiever and will let nothing stand in her way to be the best. Double award winning racer in a career Annabel has carved out herself – funded by herself. Invited for interview on Autosport Radio. Featured in the national Metro newspaper as ‘One To Watch’. Annabel has faced all kinds of adversity, making her even more determined to follow her ambitions. She says ‘What doesn’t break you, makes you stronger”.




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